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Vehicle LTL transportation

    professional bulky cargo transportation, cargo transportation:

    1. hoisting and installation of lifting heavy-lift transport handling in place crane rental

    2. specializing in industrial moving, equipment, hoisting, lifting, road positioning, inside and outside the city transportation. Companies with 5 ton, 8 ton, 12, 20-ton truck crane; 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton hydraulic cart to a three-ton forklifts. With 1-2-ton hydraulic forklift, lifting chain.

    3. undertake large, medium and small plant relocation, installation, mechanical shift, lifting, loading and unloading. Moving House, Office moving, lifting from a height, precision equipment relocation, handling of CNC machine tools, CNC precision machining centers equipment to relocate.

    4. to undertake various types of printing equipment relocation, electronics removal, cutting machines, projectors, cameras, supermarket equipment, bank teller machines, injection molding machines, punching machines, casting machines, generators, hardware tools, subway equipment, power transmission equipment, and other equipment relocation


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