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Baggage electrical check

    luggage processes:

    pick up-and downstairs – professional packaging – shipping – transport – stop notice or delivery

    aviation baggage considerations:

    1, TV, washing machine, microwave oven, Toaster, computer, printer, audio and so on, without the original packaging and winding film wrapped, around the foam fixed, then packaged. Do not pressure must be marked on the outer package, and prevent them from being pressed.

    2, refrigerators: moving the day before, please unplug refrigerator power supply, after moving into a new home, please put at least half an hour to run again later.

    3, furniture: sofa, using stretch film wrap and package integrity; such as furniture tables and chairs, please do not put anything in the cabinet door, drawer, door and drawer secured with tape, fear that the knock was afraid of places required kraft paper or bubble wrap elastic good, and then fixed with adhesive tape.

    4, box needs to be done, we have the Professional woodworking production staff made.

    Description: the airline baggage rules vary somewhat

    the weight of carry-on items carry-on items, each passenger is limited to 5 kg. Each piece of carry-on items shall not be more than 20 х 40 х 55 cm in size. Weight, number or volume limit is exceeded, as checked baggage.

    free baggage allowance per passenger free baggage allowance (including shipping and unregistered baggage): adult or child ticket in economy class

    passenger is 20-30 kg.

    are not allowed as baggage items passengers are not allowed in checked baggage or carry-on items carry inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive materials, aggregate materials, magnetic materials and other dangerous goods. Passengers traveling by plane may not carry arms, weapons and weapon; the animals prohibited; sometimes also prohibited foods.

    are not allowed in checked baggage items carrying important documents and information, diplomatic pouch, securities, currency (and not carrying large amounts of cash), bills of perishable items, valuables, fragile, and other items that need special care, and shall not be caught in baggage checked. Carrier for carrying these items of checked baggage is lost or damaged in the normal checked baggage liability.

    luggage packed baggage must be packaged, locking in good condition, and securely, able to bear pressure, under normal operating conditions, to complete unloading and transport. Does not meet the requirements for packing of baggage, the carrier may refuse collection.

    passenger luggage compensation all or part of the checked baggage is damaged, lost, compensation of not more than RMB 50 Yuan per kg. When value is less than 50 Yuan per kg of baggage, compensation for the actual value.

    baggage declared value when the value exceeds RMB 50 Yuan per kilogram of checked baggage, can deal with the declared value of the baggage. Baggage statement cannot exceed the actual value of the luggage itself. Each passenger's baggage declared value maximum of RMB 8000.


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