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Railway Express in perfect distribution network

    "2012 end of distribution cities reached 2000 in 2013, up to 2,500 by the end of the end of 2014, covering the whole. "Recently, railway express company limited for the next 3 years in distribution network planning and deployment. This is the company to expedite the construction of modern logistics an important initiative.

    in recent years, the company has focused on strengthening the construction of distribution network. At the end of March this year, Railway Express distribution network covering the whole country in all prefecture-level administrative areas, county-level administrative areas have been covered 55%. In order to meet the development needs and meet customer demand, railway express special development issued in distribution network planning, asked all units to the in-depth investigation and analysis of regional administrative settings, economic development and market demand, by integrating social resources, regional distribution and logistics projects, continued to expand, improve the distribution network.

    and network scale expanded phase adapted, the company synchronization launched has series supporting engineering: through GPS positioning system on Highway, and distribution vehicles for automatically track monitoring, and research development distribution Terminal phone, achieved delivered information automation; perfect the regulations and management mechanism, established full cost separate accounting system and piece distribution incentive mechanism; in car distribution of based Shang active promotion electric, and bike "small team" distribution way, In the Professional Division of labor on the basis of pilot "full distribution" model in the load distribution on the basis of developing express distribution business in the same city.

    in 2014 will be built nationwide County-level administrative areas of the company's distribution network, to provide distribution, warehousing, packing, information integration and integrated logistics services.


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