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Railway Express grassland flowers in sweet home

    the morning of April 28, Hohhot, inner Mongolian grass outside the station, 50 km from flower cultivation base learning-seedling research and development limited liability company was busy again. On that day, 20 box 480 strains of red, he quickly transported to yinchuan, Fireworks ahead of the 51 holidays listed. Company Manager Lei Miao led the workers to a pot of flowers on transparent package bag, gently into the box: "this is living life, afraid of her, afraid of compression and inversion of fear, and cannot open storage, to be the first time shipped to ... ... Railway Express Service carefully, we rest assured! ”

    flower base outside the greenhouses, salesman Li Chen, Director of the Railway Express Hohhot branch open with "Railway Express" box-type trucks arrived bearing the words here. He gingerly after a case-by-case examination, tapes with adhesive tape on the boxes, hard seal, remove the electronic scales to weigh truck, opening the truck-making computer carefully fill out. After a few minutes, one of the five "express waybills" by an on-board printer out ... ... Hohhot, Li Chen used his mobile phone to call standing room scheduling: "good location, and strive to get to the 13:50 train to yinchuan. ”

    "Railway Express make Prairie flower not only occupy the North market, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places are open market. "Mongolian grass learning seed company sales manager Wu Licheng is grateful," Inner Mongolia high elevation, light, temperature, and cultivate flower anthesis of up to 4 months. Flower shipping requirements, deadlines, Services 3 specific conditions in air freight transport costs high, we dare not think about Mercosur. Today, the Railway Express prairie flowers into the southern market, than air compression 40% of transport costs. ”

    for full open market and meet the needs of different levels of service, Railway Express, in the jurisdiction of Huhhot branch thinning of business, Office, escort centers, distribution centers operational functions. Established in Hohhot alone 6 mobile office: a car, one vehicle making computers and printers, an electronic scale, a driver and loader, sales customer service setting up "backpack convoy", completed by the salesman ride electric cars scattered small customer's transportation needs.

    11:40, Hohhot, Li Chen loaded 20 boxes of flowers drive back. 13:50, 20 boxes of red flamingo "sit" the train. Slightly tired, he said, "at 23 o'clock today to yinchuan on delivery, local flower market in the morning. ”


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