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Guangshen rail began to supply 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water

    a few days ago, reporters learned in Guangzhou from May 1, 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water has water in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high speed rail service. Guangshen rail crash of last year briefly stops water supply returned to normal water service in fine gifts. Each take guangshen high-speed railway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen train passengers can pay-and-in the waiting Hall of the designated locations receiving 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water bottle.

    It is understood that the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high speed rail opened in December 2011. Starting from May 1 this year, the Guangzhou South railway station, Shenzhen North Station guangshen rail site 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water of water supply points, between Guangzhou-Shenzhen line to provide convenient and efficient water services.

    in addition, the reporter giving water at guangshen trains 5100?? -Guangzhou East railway station, passengers are given a bottle of each pit stop 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water. In October 2011, the online information show, Guangzhou-Shenzhen high speed rail stop 5100 mineral water in Tibet and Beijing-Tianjin Intercity trains, but according to reporters, Beijing-Tianjin train did not stop supply 5100 mineral water, other train lines were also presented as usual. Tibet 5100 of the business functioning without any impact from changes in the contract.

    end of March this year, 5100 Tibet released the 2011 annual report. Report shows that in 2011, the company continued to deepen "focuses on institutional marketing, diversifying the retail channel" sales strategies, developing institutional partners, with the exception of China Construction Bank, institutional clients such as Air China, China post, and successful development of the company, including oil in BP, and many other clients, China Mobile, Sinopec. Annual report, Railway Express had total sales in 2011 from 81% 2010-2011 62%. In addition, Tibet 5100 in 2011 by Railway Express channels of other non-institutional clients and traditional retail channel (owned by third parties) total sales in 2010 increased by 18,000 tons, an increase of 211%. Thanks to the above measures, 5100 2011 net profit of 373 million Yuan, up 224%, the company's brand power is rising.


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