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Lenovo of China Railway Express speed

to implement mor "extended service chain, development of railway market" Request Railway Express Corporation innovative logistics, improve service levels, deepening the relations of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with customers. After discussions with Lenovo for up to six months, the two sides negotiated starting in April 2012, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu 5 cities on the originating 41 routes, the "72-hour direct" service.

in 2011, Lenovo became the world's second largest computer manufacturer, To achieve the goals of the world's largest computer manufacturers, it is necessary to develop two or three tier cities and towns markets. To this end, the Railway Express companies in the new logistics solutions and new business processes to establish quality of service evaluation system step by step to associate the traditional operation mode of logistics "logistics enterprise direct end-customer" mode.

associative platform, the business is a member of 5 cities of origin, day carriers, Upon arrival does not enter the associated distribution center, delivered by the China Railway Express delivery directly to the association end customers. From the moment a delivery confirmation, the whole aging control in 3 days (72 hours) or less, or 72 hours straight. " Direct mode can effectively shorten the order cycle Association, reduce capital costs, speed up capital turnover. Meanwhile, Railway Express companies in to seize this opportunity to urge the Logistics Management specialization, fine.

Association "for 72 hours straight," business month, Today sent computer-1490, 44,000, achieving new business revenue of 1.36 million Yuan. Optimal Association of traditional logistics mode of operation, improved both in terms of resources, information and business processes in areas such as integration, won the Association's full approval.


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