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Railway Express regulation of handling basic management achieved remarkable results

    for nearly a year, railway express company active in handling improvement for basic management, carry out strict management job safety, practice kindness activities promoting stability, improve the quality of field operations, and tamping Safety Foundation.

    in view of the existing problems on the second half of 2011, the company launched the "continue to strengthen the management of loading and unloading, comprehensively enhance the quality of handling" special rectification activities, clear platform 8 regulation focused on jobs, tractor driving, push through thematic research, examination and cross examination and other means, to promote measures to advance the implementation of the regulation.

    Railway Express established handling management issues in libraries, combing and regularly informed of problems found in a regulation, make the action one by one. They have developed the standards for handling actions on dozens of operating standards and managing files, loading and unloading personnel and equipment management information system research and development, promoting the management of loading and unloading from the usual extensive management experience to institutionalized, standardized and systematic changes.

    for loading and unloading operations are entrusted with the management of the practical units at work adhered to manage people, money, operation "see through" realized "Pack" integration patterns of good management. The company also launched the "reign in job security, practice kindness and promote stability," event, the gradual improvement in handling personnel benefits on the basis of, in the Sales Department, to focus on promoting the construction of loading and unloading operation at the station, concern handling personnel.

    after nearly a year of concentration and control, the company handling security incidents since 2001 eliminated, loading staff morale has improved greatly.


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