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Railway Express, party organizations at all levels in a series of thematic party day activity

    recently, railway express company limited in observance of the party organizations at all levels have carried out a series of forms 91 anniversary of thematic party day activity, this education of party members, and purify the mind, unite forces, energizing, promoting the development and promotion of the effective carrier.

    Railway Express in Beijing, Taiyuan branch Party Committee organized members visit the revolution of Jin-Cha-JI base area in Dingxiang, and ranzhuang former site of tunnel warfare. Railway Express in the Sales Department of the Shanghai party Committee organization members visit the yuhuatai martyrs, new ones being the site of, the Yangtze River Memorial and other revolutionary education base. Business Department of Harbin Railway Express station train in voluntary blood donors in organization of party branch members.

    luggage transport peak current at students, Railway Express, Beijing party Committee launched the "rail Express opens new era, students taking home memories of the campus" thematic party day activity. Railway Express in Shanghai, Wuhan, Lanzhou, such company party organizations party member services team went to Fudan University, Wuhan University and Lanzhou Jiaotong University and other universities handle door-to-door shipment business.

    combined with current production safety management practice, railway express company party Committee organization in safety management of party members and cadres to carry out propaganda activities. Railway Express station in Zhengzhou Sales Department crew members off duty time sales value by the trolley, promoted the station car Lian Lao cooperation in the handover process.


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