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Railway Express transportation in poor material

    15:10 July 20, 60 smooth shipment of materials with love on July 21; 15:24, love arrived in Chengdu railway station on July 21; 21:03, Chengdu station transport and loading 12:04 July 22, love arrived in panzhihua station on July 22 12:20, contact the consignee with station sales department in panzhihua on July 24, and supplies to the children of love, Campus filled with a smile of a child. In this process, the Zhengzhou railway Bureau official micro-blog, Railway Express Zhengzhou branch in real time trace the compassion of trains running.

    on July 19, the Zhengzhou branch Railway Express official micro-blog in the previous message Twitter administrators attention. Zhengzhou railway Bureau official Micro-Blog of the message "central railway and your peers" administrator, said a group of love hand in hand to contribute to poverty alleviation in Kunming, Chuxiong Prefecture, yongren County, school supplies, because of poor transport routes, love material accumulation cannot be shipped for a long time, ask Railway Express Zhengzhou branch can provide the entire carriage. Railway Express Zhengzhou branch in Twitter administrators and contacted Twitter administrators of the railway for the first time, inquire for assistance after human contact, the Luoyang train station to its jurisdiction had this message for sales.

    day, Railway Express notification in Luoyang, contact the sales department with the poster, take the initiative to Luoyang first international bilingual kindergartens in the Riverside village of early childhood education centers have a face-to-face communication, design the optimum transportation route and mode of transportation for the schools. And according to weight, distance, calculates the most economical transport solutions and time of arrival.

    the afternoon of July 20, Railway Express truck had just arrived at the loading location, luolong district, Luoyang Education Bureau a comrade in Luoyang Railway Express station sales manager Zhou Hao's hand and said "thank you so much, we just try to spring blog, did not think of us Railway Express to help us solve the problem. ”

    the same time, coordination of Railway Express Zhengzhou branch was also active in Luoyang train station, Kunming to get the donor storage and transshipment of goods to ensure donations reach children's hands.


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