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Railway express wish to press service businesses free of charge

    on April 19, the drivers of railway express some dissatisfaction in yinchuan new station square original exclusive parking becomes parking on the South side, then drive blocking the door to the parking lot, jinfeng District Traffic Police Brigade of yinchuan disposal, car park did not resume operation.

    on April 22, introduced in railway express company Deputy General Manager Zhou Yuehua, in accordance with the code for design of railway passenger station, station square should provide passengers ' luggage and parcel tray take the parking lot near the Office, dumps, although this specification does not provide is free for use by the company, but is the local government provided free of charge all over the country. Now after the exclusive parking becomes parking, large Railway Express vehicles in the parking lot of a day you have to pay, could ill afford, want to yinchuan railway station square Park can offer a period of free time.

    Secretary of the yinchuan railway station square, according to Park Service He Huiyong introduced on February 17, the yinchuan City Government within the Office of the new train station below all the car parks to the Department's management. On January 12, all parking lots within the new railway station has been contracted to yinchuan way well car park management, prior to Railway Express has exclusive parking lots on the South side in the original part of the berth, with contractor management improved, grew nervous over more than 180 parking spaces, contractor to the Railway Express charges rejected conflict. Yinchuan railway station planning there are two social parking lot, two large bus parking lot, and two located in the waiting room on either side of the parking lot, planning is not labeled, but the site has exclusive parking sign, according to the drawings provided by the Government, the two car parks should be managed by the Department. The Department has always adhered to public service is free of charge, such as urban public transport is free of charge, social parking according to the stipulations, but Railway Express without the consent, commandeering of public resources, the Department's governance. He Huiyong said if the parties based on mutual benefit, the principle of compensation for the use, consultation.

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