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Railway reform and not spread fare ticket for 17 years

    how train fares are developed? Recently, the Beijing train service Depot staff briefed reporters, fare is standard on the puke non air-conditioned seat, first developed the basic fare per person per km. Then follow the train speed, fast and quick (Express) the two files, one float must rate multiplied by the corresponding mileage. In addition, ordinary buses for long-distance discounts more than 500 kilometers, the greater the distance, lower the discount. Distinguish from the seats, based on the hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper, advanced soft sleeper were added in different ratios, form a variety of models and the different fares. In addition, costs such as the costs for accident insurance, railway waiting rooms, you arrive at nominal price. According to reports, this standard since 1995, has not changed.

    in addition, the existing regular line EMU second-class fare is performed under the 1993 high ticket fares, EMU first-class seat fare rise, high speed railway and passenger dedicated line of emus fares set by the Ministry alone, emus fares without provides long distance discount pricing, but in practice, long distance EMU tend to have price discounts.


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