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Railway Express in promoting the construction of enterprise culture

    "company that we read and learn so much! "Screeners Ma Yuchang said excitedly. On April 11, the Party Committee of China Railway Express Company Limited was organized in Beijing sales office in the southern district activities book-cum-full launched to their workers. The "quality, and promote development, personalized house warming the hearts" full reading activities organized, aimed at nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, led the construction of transportation culture, formed express the cultural system, making Railway Express, a domestic first-class modern logistics enterprises.

    Railway Express in more than more than 2000 branches and more than 30,000 employees throughout the country, using the core values of "soul casting shape", to improve the cohesion and competitiveness, is crucial to the future development of the enterprise. In recent years, the company has issued all kinds of education reading, and through the study of political theory, writing activities and other forms of promotion of comprehensive quality training of employees, impressive results.


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