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Railway Express in Jinan branch establishment "one card" system

    Jinan branch, Railway Express, closely focus on the theme of strengthening the construction of party's advanced nature of the party, further enriching the content of grass-roots party construction practice, carriers of innovation activities, a sound work mechanism, through the establishment of "one card" working in close contact to the farmers, solid and do good for the masses, do solid work, problem-solving skills.

    branch through the addition opened 24 branch Secretary of the Party Committee hotline information cards, and distribute to their workers and demands on a regular basis, to accept and solve reasonable demands of workers, helping to solve our urgent, difficult. Since the establishment of "one card" system, the company and the grass-roots party branches have received, feedback worker orally help problem-solving demands 25 times, received demands of workers card 20 cards. Reflect problems are promptly resolved, closer party-masses relationship.


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