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Railway Express: Hualian community in hand to serve the community

    May 5-6th, Railway Express Beijing Branch and Hualian shopping mall in jointly organized a "Community Railway Express, happy shopping at Hualian" public welfare activities.

    in two days time within, in the iron fast shipped employees into North cellular road Hualian Mall in "in the iron fast shipped opened logistics era" of strong atmosphere Xia, through together Hualian Mall, distribution 3,000 copies publicity information, play "in the iron fast shipped feelings" songs, to around community residents, and enterprises and past of masses vigorously publicity in the iron fast shipped brand, and strong sale fast shipped Mall products, and experience enthusiasm service, Railway Express company in the show keep abreast of the market, active marketing, quality, diversified, adding games to increase strongly. So, let the society know Railway Express, was approached by people in the iron express Railway Express in, let the customer experience, improve 95572 brand visibility, influence and Railway Express.

    in addition, promotional opportunities through the weekend, China Railway Express Company and Hualian shopping mall for consumers to create a set of "live interaction, sharing, affordable boutique shopping" as one of the major promotions feast. Site sale fast shipped Mall of quality commodity gift package, and snow domain plateau of barley beer and 5100 glacier mineral water, to its excellent of quality, and affordable of price, plus professional introduced, and enthusiasm service, especially drink barley beer contest, and fun award-winning question-and-answer, and shopping lucky big runner, game activities, attract has many people stop wait-and-see, enthusiasm high of consumers put site surrounding have packed, atmosphere more is exception hot, consumers praise, purchase enthusiasm constantly climbed.

    according to understand, "learn Lei Feng" Lee group service car, is in the iron fast shipped company for Hualian Mall specifically set of supporting facilities, "60 age above, and 1 km range within free delivery" is in the iron fast shipped company for Hualian Mall provides extends service of work target, is respecting handicap of work requirements, more is family service of extends need; is oriented social of public advertising, more is service of solemnly commitment. During the event, through the arms, shoulder, hand-pushed drive, "learn from Lei Feng" profit group vehicle services for the surrounding communities of consumers free service 33 times, won the praise of Hualian shopping mall and community residents, railway express company and 95572 brand enjoy popular support.


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