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Railway Express companies in training: "reign in" State line "love" implosion

    the beginning of 2012, while working in a railway express company leadership in research, caused concern in the last 3 things: a tractor driver disobeying tractor scrape clean the stops buses, a branch managers for a disciplinary offence is dealt with according to law, a bellboy who caught gambling habit leads to family breakdown.

    analysis of introspection, traces, the company leaders formed a consensus: poor management, insufficient care is causing security management, team building the root cause of problems.

    on this, the company specifically deployed "to reign in love, seeking effective team building" key and talk activity, organization level team, managers at all levels about what is "reign in love", and why "to reign in love" and how "to reign in love" inadequate control of typical 3 case-introspection, learning and improvement.

    this year, the company organs and departments, branches, 3 levels of Sales Department has held workshops and collective talk more than more than 400 times, and questionnaires to more than 2000 copies, writing experience, more than 300 papers. A series of research activities, enhances staff "to reign in love" understanding, improve management practice "to reign in love" ability and literacy, promoting "reign in love" perfecting the mechanism of curing.

    strict management system, monitoring and evaluation – promotes the standardization of post

    "sharp sword from grounding out, good security and strict. "Shenyang branch of safety supervision Department Deputy Director Wang Weihuan" security model safety "talks on impromptu speeches, was the true portrayal of the hard wrist grab security cadres at all levels.

    is not no rules. Shanghai Branch in the research activities, the strict standards and strict requirements as "reign" connotation. They combined security risk management and security big check work, has amendment has small running job approach tenant business motor vehicle platform job approach, security management system, again Combs has the sales Ann check dangerous, and platform job, more than 400 multiple job process, developed has corresponding of emergency plans, for "strict of ordered, and strict of has according to" provides has more system, and more specification, and more closely of system support.

    lack of safety supervision power is restricted by the company "reign" bottleneck. On March this year, the company established 7 regional safety supervision Office, check sales volume grew 4 times in the first half, Tim took a train trolley trip up the 3 times, identify the number has increased twice. Increase the intensity of professional monitoring mechanisms, supplemented by a cadre, quantifying mechanisms such as checks, Tim took the trolley, the company realizes production Omni-directional, whole time, the whole process of monitoring.

    from the site found problems, from management to find the reason, from the cadres of accountability. This was the company's key research activities in the form of another "reign in" consensus. The first half of the regional administration Office issued a red notice 249, yellow check, check number, amount increases than in the past.

    "only the ' reign ', to catch the little control, avoid accidents, and this is the most fundamental love of workers. "The company Wang Jingfu, Director of safety, said cadres at all levels and strict requirements, strict examination and strict check in the first place.

    examination is not a goal, nor "reign in" the only means. Employees of the company has seen all kinds of security problems, such as in 1 month to complete corrective actions are not repeated, will return 50% check amounts, as this term extended to 2 months, then return 30%. "This initiative reflects the ' strict soberly, strictly love ' philosophy, ' reign ' a human face. "Secretary of the party branch of Wuhan train sales Xiong Jie often take it to educate workers.

    "severity" of ideas, the "reign" of research results, not only in the field of security. Management of risk prevention and control implementation of the independent Commission against corruption, the discipline Inspection Commission of the company vehicle, develop prevention and control measures in 1197. Recently, the company was fully committed to the promotion of goods tracking system, by means of information, transport, loading and unloading, transshipment, distribution and other information to track and monitor the whole operation, and further enhance the level of standardization, standardization.


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