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LCL container transport is widely used

    with the development of international trade and transport services constantly extend LCL container transport is widely used but LCL transport differs from the FCL transport, its transportation requirements are unique, independent, Onccc and the share of foreign trade container cargo consignment by negotiation and common sense.

    1, generally do not accept LCL goods specified a particular shipping company. Ship company only accept whole box goods of set class, and not directly accept spell box goods of set class, only through freight agent, will spell box goods spell whole Hou to to ship company set class, almost all of spell box goods are is through goods generation company "concentrated do supporting, concentrated distribution" to achieved transport of, East area of spell box distributed Hong Kong basically for Shanghai Hong Kong. General freight because of supply limitations, limited to several boat companies bookings, rarely specified shipping companies can meet the demand, so the hammer when the LCL, try not to accept the specified shipping companies to avoid check does not meet the requirements.

    2, negotiate with customers upon completion, should pay particular attention to terms related to avoid each other after l terms found only when the check is unable to meet. Daily operation in the often encountered L/C provides spell box freight lost not accept freight agent of bills of lading, for ship company not directly accept spell box goods of set class, ship company of shipping bills of lading is out to goods generation of, and by goods generation again issued HOUSEB/L to shipping people, if L/C provides not accept goods generation B/L, so actual transport handle Shi on no select space, on will caused l/c of inconsistent.

    1, and according to China Civil Aviation General provides: ride domestic flights of passenger are ban carry carry liquid items, but liquid items can handle luggage checked procedures, if passenger really of has necessary carry carry few travel use of cosmetics, that each species cosmetics limited with a pieces, even container volume shall not over 100 ml, and should placed independent bags within, accept open bottle check, while, ban passenger carry carry lighter, and matches ride civil aviation aircraft;

    2, from May 1, 2008, passengers of business class or economy class ticket holders, each person can only carry 1 item. The size of each item shall not exceed 20x40x55 cm, the two must not exceed 5 kg gross weight. In excess of the prescribed number of pieces, weight or volume restrictions, according to the provisions as checked baggage.

    3, missed consequences for breach of the above provisions, borne by the passengers, travel agents will not be liable.

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