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Successful purchases will learn 30 procurement negotiation skills

    procurement process 1. never try to like a salesman, but says he is your partner.

    2. to sales personnel as our first enemy.

    3. never accept first offer, let salesman begging; this will give us a better trading opportunities.

    4. at any time using the slogan: "you can do better than that."

    5. always keep the lowest recorded, and more demanding, until sales stopped offering discounts.

    6. forever as one's own child, but that sales always has a superior, he may offer additional discounts.

    7. when a sales person easily accept, or going to the lounge, or on the phone and approved, it can be considered that he gives are readily available, and further requests.

    8. be smart, Act a fool.

    9. don't give in front of raised no objection.

    10. remember that when a salesperson to ask something, he will have some conditions can be given.

    11. remember salesmen are not requested, he was waiting for the purchase request, usually he never asked for anything in return.

    12. notice requirements suggest that salespeople are usually more planned, better understanding of the situation, take the time to deal with unregulated sales, they want to intervene, or they fear out of the circle.

    13. don't feel sorry for sales staff, playing bad boy game.

    14. do not hesitate to use arguments, even if they are fake, for example: "the competitors always provides us with the best price, the best transfer and payment terms.

    15." Constantly repeating the same objections even if they are absurd. "The more you repeat, salespeople will have more faith.

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