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Net profit margins are too low to buy express intense price competition

as a cosmetic Crown shop shopkeeper operation for 5 years, skin care product sent is VIVI problem. Due to the category of cosmetics are included in the air unable to send their shop sells Lancome, Clarins, SK II products in the express choice of nuts, "customer requires to send security, but refused to pay higher postage, all their other costs on stores. ”

but now, VIVI found the solution. From August 1, walk on high-end SF by means of land transport services, pioneered the first economic classes express product "4th". Journalist informed, Shun Feng Yuan aviation for the service on the basis of reduced 4, Beijing sent a top weight of only 18 Yuan. Veteran observers Express Logistics Xu believes that SF new products embody Express for business and consumers provide differentiation and specialization, to be included in the air embargo of cosmetics, CDs, milk powder, liquid, powder goods, electronics, liquor and other items provide a convenient, this is a professional business courier services in the past weakness.

industry accounts, according to SF's charges sent express selection of under 3 kg "4th" reflects not so much the price advantage, but sent over 3 kg, according to items sent to regional flows to a different, cheaper than SF air courier 10-18 Yuan.

in order to curry favor with consumers in the past, e-commerce and express delivery companies in the distribution themselves, not only leads to high logistics costs and service quality is often a problem. "Actually, the category of net purchases in the air unable to deliver on time-sensitive, but to send the security and price sensitivity. "Shun Feng Express-related sources," 4th "Shun Feng aeronautical products 1-2 on aging with days difference, usually 4 working days to reach, you can greatly reduce the cost. It is reported that, to facilitate the land launch services, Shun Feng opened 562 flow land transport routes, covering the East, South, Southeast, Central and North and West of 29 provinces in the Mainland.

in 2011, the express business in China amounted to 3.65 billion, revenues of 75 billion yuan. But in the sharing of industry growth of dividends at the same time, market segment demands on the express. It is reported that Amazon has been a step ahead in the near future, China launched the "4-7" day express policies. Previously, due to Taobao bought the shipment's profit margins are too low, intense price competition, Shun Feng on the market is not "cold" so that the "four-way" become a mainstay of the online shopping market. But now, Shun Feng "4th" expansion card, means that the domestic Courier industry bosses prepared to end was Shen Tong, yuantong, shentong, Huitong and rhyme of monopoly for many years, such as e-commerce.

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