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The prevalence of online shopping express transportation companies are also more up

    with the prevalence of online shopping, logistics and express delivery companies are also more up, many people in when mail delivery, are used to surf logistics company, which also gives "Li GUI" provides opportunities for fraud. It is reported that a similar "Li GUI" fraud cases also occurred in some of the leading express delivery company.

    due to the relatively low cost, illegal benefit larger, plus for those facing fraud law enforcement issues such as evidence, it is difficult to fundamentally control, therefore, fake courier an ill wind blowing more hotly, on the development of the logistics industry and the online shopping market has had a very bad effect, it is imperative to increase the intensity of management.

    online express caution "Li GUI" rampage

    now with the expansion of China's online shopping market scale, the express industry is soaring, fast-growing. But at the same time, criminals also use the logistics company to defraud.

    express market, "Li GUI" prevailed. Some well-known logistics enterprises, received more than 200 consumers each month are "shanzhai" companies covering "complaints" calls "ghost" companies not only collect money at both ends, also pocketed cargo, heavy consumer losses. Hobby collection of national coins of Zhao, encountered a "ghost" companies, Mr Zhao Nanjing a money lover and exchange of coins in several African countries. Mr Zhao will go online to a "known" express delivery company in Nanjing, but had asked for more than more than 200 Yuan before and after each other. However, after 12 days, they still have not heard from Mr Zhao's money. Finally, Mr Zhao had to repeatedly call the courier company to recover their belongings, have never thought the other delivery up 120 "storage fees".

   , according to insiders, at present, "Li GUI" express generally by big companies on behalf of the home goods prices charged and then transmitted at relatively low prices to an unknown courier companies through profit profit. More even, "Li GUI" express there have been pocketing distribution and then transmitted to other shipping companies and choose to pay cash on delivery, customer repeat to pay the freight. Because of the its website and the regular site is almost the same, many consumers are easy to fall into the trap.

    to this, insiders warned that these "shanzhai" express company on the Web site in the name of a well-known company, but on closer inspection it is not difficult to find weak points: these sites tend to have a so-called "service hotline", add "nanxiang, Jiading district", "middle" vague statements, such as a passing.

    "low cost high benefit" to the village express evil prevailing winds

    analysis, fake courier run amok, there are the following reasons:

    first of all, when "ghost" cost of crime is low, get a fake Web site, buy a fake document, get a car could go to cheat. They basically has three species acts: a is high received goods, then to normal price referred to the genuine company, from earned post; Second species is both high received goods, and free referred to the small company, goods to destination again forced customer repeat paid freight, not to money on not delivery; third species against more bad, counterfeit of original is plot, once get customer of goods, from on heard.

    the current industry, "Li GUI" another reason is overpopulation express express delivery companies due to loose management structure. Courier enterprises, who declined to be named said that the delivery of "second-hand" Express has become a fixed some courier companies source customers, so the courier company does not query the previous qualification, leading to "Li GUI" express growing rapidly. Survival of most domestic express franchise development model, has become a "ghost" express-infested hotbeds. According to a person familiar with the matter said, express delivery companies joining the go direct after the reform, a number of "unemployment" franchisees "Li GUI" express in the first place. "They are familiar with express operation process, and holds a number of customer resources, leave continues after the original company name of collection and delivery of express mail, then use relationships to make the shipment into the corporate network. ”

    in addition, the open Internet platform also contributed to "Li GUI" behavior. Anyone can register Web site, using fake documents to open fixed-line telephone and 400 telephone is also very simple. For these fake Web sites the liars and 400 telephone regulation, because the relevant law is not perfect and easy for criminals to exploit.

    express mess needs punishment

    mess in the end due to government regulation of the express delivery industry functioning is not in place. First, the environment has created industry is quite a mixed bag, that pays top academics. Secondly, the enterprise is not in place, lack of employee awareness of professional ethics and integrity. Again, the relevant regulators, inadequate laws and regulations.

    despite recent National Express has introduced a number of policies and regulations, but does not have the force of law enforcement, and the implementation is not in place. Lack of targeted specialized industry laws and regulations, and traditions of the postal law and other related regulations lagged behind, unable to meet the demands of modern Express, versus the industry format within the terms of the King cannot effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, provides low-cost illegal for certain people and companies. It can be said that management "hard sector" of the lack of regulation "hard" lack of punishment "hard leverage" the lack of express competition, consumer rights and always in a State of disorder and hopelessness.

    Express as a bearing on people's daily lives and social stability is an important industry, and relevant government authorities and trade associations must be given high priority. This on requirements related sector to increased on express industry of regulatory efforts, established and perfect express market access system; do enterprise credit and the integrated strength rating; break industry dive rules, jam illegal vulnerability; developed and sound specifically sex legal regulations; supervision good related standard Ordinance of implementation; unified industry format contract terms and the received sent issued program; developed and sound insured claims system; building consumption activist linkage mechanism and fast channel; improve consumers activist consciousness and self activist capacity. Meanwhile, should also be actively lead employees to establish honest and law-abiding consciousness, strengthening discipline, and promote industry self-regulation to ensure the orderly development of express delivery companies.

    in addition, industry experts said, to solve the current situation, but also to improve the industry level and balance the relationship between e-commerce and logistics without delay. Was also from the point of view to explain the causes and countermeasures of talents, promote the Courier industry talent levels and moderate changes to the business model is very important.

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