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Trunk routes such as Europe and the Pacific, has been to form a stable Alliance

    relative to the main routes and secondary routes, the Australian market is not a big market, so market share in global capacity is almost the same with the Europe-North America routes. But for China's shipping companies, has a very important role in the market.


    from the far East-Australia route numbers, because the market is relatively small, so the number is stable. United States effects of the subprime mortgage crisis, 2010 global sluggish shipping market, Australia is also affected by their involvement, reducing the number of routes. From the development of capacity in recent years, with capacity changes match 2010 route 1 reduction in capacity sharply. Far East-Australia routes other than the 2009-2011 large capacity development, changed little in other years, counted down in 7.2% a year or so.

    Australia line boat basic expanded once every two years. Especially since 2009, CSCL/OOCL, Maersk Line/Eastern Mediterranean shipping, ANL/OOCL/CSCL, three groups of capacity up to 4300TEU or more, the average ship of the line as a whole has increased significantly.

    volume is not reduced

    from the perspective of trade volume, in addition to the 2009 United States subprime crisis outside the volume slowdown caused by the global economic downturn, other South-bound goods traffic is increasing, especially in 2010, the licensed importer increased by more than 20%.

    from the point of view of exporting countries in the far East, China box has an absolute advantage, and this has a tendency to expand. In addition to Japan last year because of the earthquake, outside the decrease in exports, exports are on the rise for several years.

    exports of goods from the far East situation, raw materials, industrial supplies and food products accounted for more than half an absolute advantage, and has a tendency to expand. Ranked second is consumer goods, household goods, trend is relatively stable. Third was for land vehicles and parts, and growth is slowing.


    in the Australian market, and Maersk shipping, CSCL, OOCL, COSCON and other corporate capacity to put more boxes corresponding rows in front.

    Europe and the Pacific and other major routes has formed a stable Union of cooperation, such as the great new World Union, the CKYH Alliance, the Green Alliance. In collaboration with Australian airlines has a similar organization, such as Asian and Australian airline alliance, but also for many years a fixed mode of cooperation, together with Maersk Line/Eastern Mediterranean maritime cooperation and capacity market share of more than 55%.

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