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    one hand, Jingdong, Fanke electrical contractor business running the logistics more and more power, forcing express company executives nervous distress authorities ordered a ban on cross-border on the other, subject to policy restrictions for foreign express delivery giant will officially be offensive to the Chinese market. After the day after years of rapid growth, private courier industry suddenly found that future "rice bowl" may not be a good end.

    domestic express market like never before so full of intense smoke flavor.

    one hand, Jingdong, Fanke electrical contractor business running the logistics more power, forcing express company executives nervous authorities ordered a ban on cross-border for help; the other hand, subject to policy restrictions for foreign express companies FedEx, UPS and other end side of the curve, was attacking the Chinese market.

    2010, the express business in China amounted to 2.34 billion in 2011, the express delivery business volume reached 3.67 billion by 2012, only reached 1.04 billion in the first quarter. Express service is the soaring speed became an important social circulation channels. In this most important express access, market shares of private express 67.6%. Since May 1, the express series national standards into effect. A "runner" with national standards, which brings capital full of food. From "grass roots" growth of the express delivery industry will develop? Especially after a few fast soaring day and increasingly fierce competition in the market of private courier. Policy for State-owned and private-owned express discrimination has always existed, "legs ran out" of private express industry in the face of large capital flocked accelerates, the gradual withdrawal of policy fence will lead to sudden changes in share?

    electrical contractor running the logistics land grab

    until the yuantong express boss yuweijiao "call for regulators and industry associations to stop cross-border" words export, outsiders realize how nervous platforms running the logistics and express delivery companies.

    in recently days cat and 9 big Express Enterprise Strategy cooperation launches Shang, China express Association Deputy President and Secretary-General Dawa revealed, including Jingdong Mall, and where guest Cheng products, zainei of electric business website are has to national post Office submitted national "express business business license" of application, according to post management sector accepted application probably in 45 days review verified of process calculation, not out accident words is expected to most fast July on can "was brand".

    is "bus ticket", but "express business permit" obtained from the East, Fanke electrical contractor business express business legal ID cards a national expansion. This means that Jingdong, Fanke electrical contractor business trans-regional outreach express business in the country without the risk of policy consequences, had secretly stepped up infiltration to logistics deployment will return to the sunshine Skyway, the banner high.

    express company bosses of "tension" is not only that the snatch competition adds a few, more lies in the East of Beijing, Fanke, electrical contractor business and express the complex dependencies.

    can say that express rapid development of the market of "half of the Medal" to give the e-commerce platform. Thanks to the rapid development of electronic commerce, the rising popularity of online shopping business, traditional courier companies greatly increase. Commercial news reporters learned from the State Post Bureau of China, in 2010, the express business in China amounted to 2.34 billion in 2011, the express delivery business volume reached 3.67 billion by 2012, only reached 1.04 billion in the first quarter. Among these, the express business over 1/3 market and enterprise e-commerce platform to "keep", electrical contractor for the express industry contributed more than 50% a year of growth. In 2011, Taobao and cat Mall parcels a day alone amount to more than 8 million, supporting "stone up to a" domestic express companies over 60% volumes. Alibaba's Jack Ma said, without electricity in respect of China's express delivery industry.

    express company "love-hate" is that now after the e-commerce site in the strength and growth, but began to seize the express company sites. At present, apart from Alibaba platform outside the merchant undertakes not to their own logistics, East of Beijing, where the customer, Amazon China shop, 1th, almost all domestic business sites have their own logistics system. "Beijing East running the logistics form all the more aggravating to follow trends in the industry, fully has the potential to impact business growth of the express delivery industry. "The logistics industry experts and Chief Consultant in China, said Xu.

    at present, in the eyes of the industry, FedEx is encouraged by the State to fully competitive markets, yuantong express hope that protests against the national postal service will eventually only be wishful thinking "talking to myself", but the electrical contractor's own logistics on the market of private express delivery companies squeeze and the impact is likely to become more powerful.

    because, in addition to logistics warehousing business for business services value added outside, Beijing East, Fanke business enterprises such as the root causes of their own logistics express industry at present

    development of the immature. Even including private express delivery companies are also unavoidable reality is that third party logistics in domestic growth is still far behind the pace of development, short term capability, capacity, service quality and level are unable to meet business needs.

    for consumers and e-commerce company currently provides service in addition to price advantage of running the logistics system, service attitude and is also far better than the professional third party courier service, such as Beijing-East logistics, where visitors such as wind was generally recognized. By contrast, in other ways (online shopping) shopping in the express delivery companies used by, Shun Feng a recognized reputation holders only. In the minds of consumers, outside of cheap, Chinese private express delivery companies, are not higher than the quality of postal services in China where, especially security, trust and even, in some ways even worse.

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