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Consignment goods present their identity card or any other valid document

    (a) shipment of goods

    consignment goods present their identity card or any other valid document, fill in the cargo consignment, delivery to the carrier or its agents to conduct procedures, such as unit certification letter issued by the carrier or its agent requirement or other valid proof, the shipper shall also be provided. Check Government restrictions on transportation of goods are subject to public security and quarantine departments to handle the goods, should be accompanied by the proof.

    shipping international freight, shipment by shipper must comply with the relevant sending, transit and destination country laws, rules and regulations and the relevant provisions of the airline. Before delivery of the goods, the consignor must be completed or the agent on their own customs, sanitary and phytosanitary goods exit formalities.

    for conditions of transport or transport goods are different in nature and not of goods, each Party shall fill in the consignment.

    order to ensure air transport security, airlines have the right to security checks on collection and transportation of goods.

    (b) packaging, marking

    cargo shall ensure that cargo transport in the process of damage, loss, leakage, avoid damage and contamination of aircraft equipment or other items.

    shipper shall vary according to the nature and weight of transport conditions and carrier's requirements, use of appropriate internal and external packaging material and packaging, proper packaging.

    precision, fragile, afraid of earthquakes, fear of pressure, do not turn over of goods, must be adapted to prevent damages of the packaging measures, prohibited the use of grass bag or straw bundles.

    packing of goods is not allowed in the entrainment prohibited to transport or restrict the transport of goods, dangerous goods, valuables and confidential documents and information.

    shipper shall be marked on the packaging each package departure station, stations and units of the shipper, the consignee of arrival, name and address details. When you use the old packaging, you must get rid of the old signs and stickers on the original packaging.

    carrier for the shipper of goods packaging in compliance, not responsible for checking responsibilities.

    (c) weight and volume

    weight calculated by the gross weight of the goods, the measuring unit is kg, mantissa is rounded. When insufficient cargo weight kg per waybill, calculated per 1 kilograms. Calculated according to the actual gross weight of valuables, calculated in units of 0.1 kg.

    not a wide-body plane carrying cargo, each package is generally not more than 80 kilograms, generally does not exceed 40x60x100x cm in size. Wide-body aircraft carrying cargo, weight no more than 250 kilograms each package, generally does not exceed 100x100x140 cm in size.

    exceed the weight and volume of the above goods, should make an appointment with the carrier.

    each item of length, width, Takayuki, and shall not be less than 40 cm.

    light cargo 6000 per cubic centimeter or 1 kilograms of weight.

    (d) change of carriage of goods

    have completed the transport of the goods by the shipper when change is required, shall provide the original written request issued by the shipper, valid documents and bills of lading to the shipper.

    changes in transport of goods all goods should be one waybill fill out.

    (e) query

    after the shipment of goods, shippers and consignees in the departure or destination to the carrier or his representative checks the transport of goods, the query should be issued bills of lading or waybill number, provided the departure station, destination station, name of goods, number of pieces, weight, shipping dates, and so on.

    (vi) insurance

    shipping cargo, the shipper may authorize the carrier or his agent to handle domestic air transport insurance of goods. If the insured goods in transit damage, loss, the insurance company by insurance compensation.

    (VII) arrival and delivery of the goods

    consignee on arrival notice and my identity card or any other valid identity document delivery; commissioned when taking delivery, arrival notice, and Waybill designated by the consignee and pick up the man's ID card or other valid ID card delivery. Units issued by the carrier or his agents requested a letter of introduction or other valid proof, the consignee should be provided.

    give notice of arrival of the next day, free storage of goods on 3rd. Delays in retrieving the carrier or his agents provided the nuclear charge storage fees.

    animals, perishable goods and other specified date and flight transport of goods, the shipper shall be responsible for notifying the consignee at the arrival station airport awaiting extraction.

    (VIII) liability and compensation

    because of the carrier resulting in loss, shortage, deterioration, pollution, damage to the carrier, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Act to accept compensation.

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