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Baggage, parcels, luggage, parcel transport voucher

   , luggage, luggage, parcel, parcel is the basic document.

    two, luggage refers to passenger use of bedding, clothes, books, individuals, persons with disabilities and other travel necessities. Passenger car range with a valid ticket for each piece of checked luggage at a time, an unlimited number of persons with disabilities. Luggage must not carry money, securities, precious cultural relics, gold, silver jewelry, archival material and other dangerous goods, valuables and prohibited restrictions on the transport of goods, by the State. Maximum weight per piece is 50 kilograms luggage volume limited to suitable to mount the trolley, but min shall not be less than 0.01 cubic meters. Baggage with passengers by train or early delivery.

    third, the package is suitable for small pieces of luggage transportation of passenger trains goods. Package maximum weight per piece is 50 kilograms, limited volume suitable for loading into luggage, but min shall not be less than 0.01 cubic meters.

    packages are divided into four categories:

    a package: spontaneous included within the 5th days of the newspaper Central and provincial government for sale; press photos and primary textbooks.

    II package: emergency rescue and disaster relief materials, books, class fresh or frozen fish, meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables.

    three types of packages: does not belong to one, two or four parcels of goods.

    four types of packages:

    1, a-level transport of radioactive isotopes, oil tanks, motorcycles;

    2, foamed plastics and its products;

    3, the State Council designated by the railway authorities of other items that require special conditions of transport.

    four, cannot be transported as packages of goods:

    1, carcasses, bones, ashes, coffins and ease pollution, damage to the vehicle.

    2, snakes, wild beasts and each more than 20 kilograms of live animals (except dogs and transport command to specify the transport of animals).

    3, the State Council and issued by the competent Department under the State Council relating to dangerous goods provided for in the regulations on dangerous goods, ammunition, as well as carriers of unknown nature of chemical products.

    4, the State prohibits the transport of goods and are not suitable for loading luggage items.

    five, passengers and shippers of luggage, parcels insured and non-insured shipping divided into two, the shipper may choose one of the modes of transport.

    six, luggage, parcel package must be complete and solid, suitable for transportation. Packaging materials and methods should be consistent with national or transport packaging specified in industry standards.

    seven, passenger or shipper of luggage, parcel, shall be complete, fill shipper.

    eight gold and silver jewelry, currency, securities, shipping, cultural relics, guns, raised animals, should be sent to escort you want in the middle. Escort person shall purchase the tickets and be responsible for the safety of the goods.

   , baggage from the date shipped, wrapped from the date of notification, the carrier free care for three days. When the free period is exceeded, nuclear charge custody fees by the day.

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