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Packaging may be entrained within the prohibition or restrictions on the transport of goods

    arrangements for cargo space. Shipping company after receipt of the consignment note and the relevant documents, in conjunction with China's civil aviation, according to the nature of principles of stowage, cargo, freight volume, destination, and so on, combining flights, arranging accommodation, and then issued by the China Civil Aviation air waybill.

    loading, capacity. Sinotrans company according to the flights, on behalf of the foreign company or business to warehouse the goods to the airport, against presentation of shipping documents to the designated space for shipment of the goods.

    issuance of AWB. Cargo capacity is completed, China's total civil aviation issued air waybill, shipping company to issue House air waybill, House air waybill original three, 12 copies. The original three, first to the consignor, the second copy retained by the shipping company, walk third with the goods to the consignee. 12 copies of customs, financial settlement, foreign agent, transit distribution purposes.

    send shipment notification. When the goods are installed, you can notice in shipment to the buyer so that other payment, shipping documents, processing receipts.

    shipment of goods – due to present their identity card or any other valid document, fill in the cargo consignment bill, check formalities to the carrier.

    packaging-packaging should meet the requirements of air transport of goods, shall not use the grass bag or straw bundles. Should be written on the packaging each package receiving, address details and the name of the consignor.

    embargoed goods-goods packaging shall not carry on Prohibitions or restrictions on the transport of goods, dangerous goods, valuables, cash and securities. Vary according to the nature or the conditions of transport of goods cannot be transported together, should fill shipper, respectively.

   , volume-weight-the weight of the goods is generally not more than 80 kg, volume no more than 40x60x100 cm every piece of cargo, the minimum volume, total width and height of not less than 40 cm. Cargo volume of more than 6000 cubic centimeters per kilogram for light cargo, light cargo every 6000 cubic centimeters is equivalent to 1 kg.

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