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Banned carry-on flight but can be shipped as luggage items

    annual Spring Festival travel season in China is known as the "largest population migration in the world each year." This year's Spring Festival travel season "grand opening" become the aviation enterprises pursued goals. Experienced aviation the low season in the fourth quarter of last year, the airlines in this year's Spring Festival travel season, overtime, after the fear behind. As for our dear passengers, I also need to understand the relevant provisions, achieve mutual understanding, in order to smooth all the way. Tea House today to introduce passenger baggage needs to pay attention to what:

    carry-on baggage allowance for domestic flights: business/economy class passenger can only carry one piece of luggage to Board, not exceeding 5 kg in weight, the size does not exceed 20x40x55 cm. First class passengers can bring two pieces of luggage, but not exceeding 5 kg gross weight, extra parts must be checked. Economy class passengers to carry-on items can be no more than 5 kg.

    domestic flights free baggage allowance: adult or child ticket travellers 40 kg in first class, business class passengers 30 kg for economy class passengers is 20 kg. Size does not exceed no more than 40x60x100 cm (including shipping and unregistered baggage).

    Note: the airlines have special weight for carry-on baggage restrictions, please pay attention to the instructions on the ticket, or to consult the airline.

    prohibited checked items: for security reasons, the airlines have special provisions on the consignment of the goods. Liquor to carry and must be checked, each 1 kg, and fragile, must be properly packed. In addition smell something, such as durian, etc, can not be checked or carry.

    prescribed by the civil aviation authority banned carry-on or shipment of goods: guns, military or police equipment (including parts) and its imitations. Ammunition, explosives and other explosives and their imitations. Daggers, knives, knives. Inflammable and explosive materials. Highly toxic pesticides and other poisonous products. Sulfuric acid and other corrosive materials. Radioisotopes such as radioactive substances. Other items endangering flight safety. Other prohibited prescribed by national laws and regulations, transport of goods. China lifted restrictions on fly American airline passengers to carry the common, but the "torch-style lighters" are not within the scope of this release. Because this type of lighter flame is very strong, temperatures can reach 2500 degrees for a short time, there is great threat to flight safety, passengers boarding such lighters will still not be allowed.

    ban flight passenger carry carry but can as luggage checked of items has: annex a provides of items zhiwai, other can against aviation security of chopper, and big scissors, and big fruit knife, and razor, life with knife, scalpel, and slaughter knife, and carved knife, professional tool, literary units performances with of knife, and spear, and sword, and halberd,, and axe, and hammer, and cone, and aggravated or has pointed nail of cane, and iron head climbing rod and other can used to against aviation security of sharp device, and blunt device.

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