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Free baggage allowance for each passenger (including shipping and unregistered baggage)

    free baggage allowance per passenger (including shipping and unregistered baggage): adult or child ticket travellers 40 kg in first class, business class passengers 30 kg for economy class passengers is 20 kg. Holders of infant tickets passengers free baggage allowance. Take travel to the same destination on the same flight with more than two fellow passengers at the same time, same place to handle baggage, free baggage allowance in accordance with their respective ticket price grades standard consolidation. Constitutes the domestic segments of international transport, the free baggage allowance per passenger free baggage allowance calculated in accordance with the applicable international routes. 39th visitors require a valid ticket checked baggage. The carrier should passenger ticket and baggage check marked on the number of pieces and weight of the checked baggage. Carrier shall, at the date of flight departure for flight clearance, collection and transportation of luggage if groups too much luggage, or when for other reasons need to be checked in advance, fix a time and place and passengers transportation. Each piece of luggage carrier for the traveler should tie hanging luggage tag, and recognition to the passengers. The carrier agreed to take care of themselves after the luggage should be merged with the checked baggage weight, referred to the visitors into the cabin of their own care, and tie to hang themselves on the luggage tag. Items not belonging to the baggage according to the shipment of goods, cannot be checked as baggage.

    excess baggage of passengers in the case of plane load allows, and passengers transported by the same plane. Passengers to pay excess baggage excess baggage fees, excess baggage rates to 1.5% calculated on the economy class fare per kilogram, denominated in the Yuan as a unit.

    the weight of checked baggage must not exceed 50 kg per piece, the volume cannot exceed 40 (60-100 cm, luggage exceed the above requirements shall require the prior consent of the carrier can be checked. Unregistered baggage weight of not more than 10 kg, volume not more than 20 per piece (40-55 cm. The weight of carry-on items, each passenger is limited to 5 kg. Travellers holding first class tickets, and can carry two items per person. Each carry the volume of goods shall not be more than 20 (40-55 cm. In excess of this weight, or volume limits on the number of carry-on items, as checked baggage.

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