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Modern logistics enterprise operation and management training seminar

    March 21 to 23rd, railway express company and co-sponsored by the China communications and Transportation Association of modern logistics enterprise operation and management training seminar was held successfully in Beijing, China Railway Express Company and representatives of the express branch in a total of 150 participants.

    Conference content tight buckle logistics enterprise development actual, invited to has national NDRC integrated transport Institute Deputy Director Wang Ming, and China Sinotrans long Airlines Group transport management Department General Manager Xiao XING, and China Express Logistics Advisory Network Chief Consultant Xu, and de Lee have logistics operation Director Yun cotton, 6 bit well-known logistics experts, common on "logistics enterprise development strategy problem discussion", and "logistics and supply chain management practice", and "express logistics of status and development trend", and " Predicament of Chinese logistics enterprises in the highly competitive environment and thinking "," theory and practice of logistics "and" information support in promoting modernization of logistics enterprise "6 themes, conducted in-depth systems training and seminars.

    through "brain" learn from the experience of advanced enterprises, so we widened horizons, increase of knowledge, the development trend of modern logistics enterprise have a more profound understanding. Railway Express company in this workshop to enhance the management capacities of modern logistics management to push companies to speed up the construction of modern logistics enterprise is very important.

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