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Service process

   , telephone consultation:

    someone to receive customer telephone enquiry, relocation, relocation destination, whether you need a preliminary understanding provides packaged, and the availability of valuable items, such as piano, arts and crafts, antiques, large fish tank, high imported furniture, large screen TV, hanging objects from a height, in-room safe, precision instruments, equipment, etc.

    second, the phone offers:

    consultation via telephone, if not much need to move goods, is a small move, they can use the telephone offers. Entered into a verbal agreement.

    three, free home valuation:

    companies, factories, groups or individuals to move from larger number of items, belonging to the large relocation, our company has sales, free home evaluation, and provide relocation advice, exhibits and notes, for the relocation of your tailor-made transport solutions.

    four, transport package:

    before relocation, if the customer needs to provide Pearl foam, cartons, packing tape, bubble, Lord rashin film, the end of card Board, plank, plywood, half-sealed wooden boxes and other packaging materials, are provided at cost price. Division according to different goods packaging, paper packaging, wood packaging (all solid wood, wood, flower); if conditions allow, our staff can come on-site packaging.

    v, value-insured transportation:

    the customer is entitled to choose whether or not to take out transport insurance, for preservation and transport. In the process of removal and transport, if accidentally and cause damage to the furniture or anything, my company has dedicated engagement claim transported hand tracking, feedback.

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