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Shanghai in the iron fast shipped limited is railways directly under the professional transport enterprise, company in national business administration General registered, registered capital 2.495 billion yuan, in national 28 a branch, Shanghai in the iron fast shipped, and Shanghai in the iron logistics, and Shanghai in the iron fast shipped company, and in the iron fast shipped, and Shanghai in the iron fast shipped phone, and in the iron fast shipped phone, and in the iron fast shipped Shanghai, and in the iron fast shipped company, and in the iron logistics, and in the iron logistics phone, and in the iron logistics company has 11 a holding subsidiary and one shares company. Domestic business networks throughout the country's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and more than 400 cities in the country with more than more than 1700 outlets, door to door service network cover more than the country's more than 600 cities. Companies have established business cooperation with many international well-known logistics enterprises, international business network covering more than 200 countries and regions in the world.

company determine parcel Express, fast freight, contract logistics and international business to the four core business products, establish a set of transportation timeframes, service standards and product prices (TSP) as a whole, the following services; to provide cargo information tracking and inquiry, packaging, warehousing, processing, freight forward design and consulting, logistics and value-added services. Company has railway line package express transport network, and shortcut freight network, and highway transport network, and air transport network, and distribution network, and business network, and information network, and warehouse network, and international network "nine network integrated" network resources advantage, formed has to railway transport mainly, and highway and air transport supplement of integrated transport service network system, formed has has security, and on time, and shortcut, and economic, and clock features and unique competition advantage of logistics and express service network. Through the company's core business products and value added services portfolio, providing customers with door-to-door parcel delivery services and provides one-stop integrated logistics services.

companies adhering to the "safe, punctual, fast and economic" services philosophy and "create value for customers and realize the value of enterprise resources.

most of the "business purpose, innovative development models and development approach and improve service ability and level, realize the win-win cooperation with our customers, and grow together.


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